Gangster's bid to silence SUNDAY WORLD booted out of court

Thug: Roy McAuley
Thug: Roy McAuley

This is the man at the head of the killer gang who gunned down Kevin McGuigan.

Today the Sunday World unmasks crime boss Roy McAuley, leader of self-styled vigilante group Action Against Drugs and the man who tried, and failed to gag the Sunday World.

We can reveal mobster McAuley was arrested and questioned in connection with the murder of ex-Provo hardman Kevin McGuigan, gunned down in a contract-style hit carried out by his organisation.

McAuley went to court last March seeking an injunction banning this newspaper from reporting his sordid criminal activities.  But thsi week,  just days after his arrest, his pathetic attempt to hide behind the law his attempt to silence the Sunday World was dismissed.

Now his criminal empire can be properly exposed and we can reveal McAuley’s web of deceit, lies and crime.

Contrary to his claims AAD is there to protect the Republican community from drug dealers, his pockets are bursting at the seams with money paid to him on a weekly basis by drugs pushers.

Large sums of cash change hands in return for the drug dealers being able to continue trading without interference, punishment attacks and even death.

Hypocrite McAuley, who is from the north of the city, remains the chief suspect in the murder of low level dealer Danny McKay who was blasted to death in October 2012 after he failed to meet AAD’s £50,000 demand which would have ‘allowed’ him to continue dealing drugs.

McKay’s murder was a ruthless warning to other dealers that AAD will not tolerate anyone dealing on their patch.

And a number of days ago  he was scooped by cops investigating the McGuigan murder after detectives publicly fingered a rag tag band of criminals, dissidents and drugs dealers as the organisation responsible. As previously revealed by the Sunday World he offered his gang’s ‘services’ to the veteran republican plotting to have McGuigan shot.

The father of nine was murdered outside his Short Strand two weeks ago, in a revenge shooting for the murder of one-time close friend Jock Davison in May.

Mr McGuigan  was blasted six times by two gunmen in what police have described as a professional and cold-blooded hit.

In the weeks previous McAuley’s gang issued a statement boasting that they were ‘investigating’ the murder of Jock Davison and would kill anyone found to be responsible.

It now appears the AAD killers may have taken out the wrong man, despite early speculation there is no evidence to back up claims that McGuigan was Davison’s killer.

McAuley was released without charge after hours of questioning, however security sources say he remains central to their lines of inquiry, and is now under surveillance and pressure as the net closes in.

Police believe AAD carried out the attack with the knowledge and encouragement of a former senior Provo from the North of the city.


Seeing an opportunity to boost the non-existent credibility they offered their ‘services’ in revenge for  the former top IRA man’s death.

Desperately trying to create a cloak of respectability among the republican community they believed killing Kevin McGuigan would give them standing and kudos and boost people’s low opinions of the terror group.

However, views have not changed and many republicans are horrified that an outfit that was despised by Jock Davison is now being credited for avenging his death.

The Sunday World can also reveal that McAuley has formed an unholy alliance with Christopher ‘Cricky’ Notarantonio, a convicted blackmailer who was involved in the murder of Gerard Devlin in 2006 in Ballymurphy.

McAuley, keen to expand his extortion rackets into the west of the city, has joined forces with Notarantonio, a move that will do nothing to boost AAD’s standing.

Not only do AAD extort drug dealers they also target local businesses and building sites extorting thousands of pounds a week.

One contractor who refused to meet their financial demands in North Belfast had his vehicles and machinery destroyed.

“Going into business with the likes of Christopher Notarantonio signals an all-time low for McAuley,” one source told us.

“It just shows that the lure of easy money has become too great, he is as toxic as the drug dealers who line his pockets.”

Last month AAD were involved in attempting to extort money from a man who was shot through the window of his home in Dunmurry.

He was accused of being a drug dealer and told to pay £10,000 to AAD by two members who are father and son. He refused and was shot.

AAD were also behind an extortion attempt on a small time dealer who had been previously shot by ONH for refusing to hand over cash to dissident boss Mark Heaney last year.

Again the father and son duo approached him and demanded £10,000 from him on behalf of AAD.

AAD is little more than a grubby money-grabbing operation scamming thousands of pounds from drug dealers.

 Their activities have brought them into direct conflict with dissident crime gangs including the INLA and Oglaigh na hEireann.

Republican sources have told us the OnH now regard McAuley as the biggest threat to them. They have already lost members to AAD and they have been left severely depleted with disgruntled members turning their backs on the organisation because of ineffective leadership.

McAuley claimed his group was dedicated to eradicating the drug problem in north Belfast. In truth his only intention is to control the dealers and has already set up a lucrative network of people involved in the trade who supply him with information on rival dealers.

He has surrounded himself with crooks with a long history of dealing in counterfeit goods,and robbery.