Gang of immigrants bring motorway to standstill after lorry jump

The men escaped from a lorry and ran up the motorway causing its closure
The men escaped from a lorry and ran up the motorway causing its closure

A gang of suspected immigrants brought the M25 motorway in the UK to a standstill when they sprang out of a lorry and dashed along the carriageway.

The motorway was closed in both directions after at least six men jumped out of the back of a freighter near Cobham Services, Surrey.

Police chased the suspects down after they went "on the run".

One officer live-tweeted during the pursuit: "We have at least four males running around the main carriageway. It is now closed."

Minutes later he posted: "We have just detained two men. Another possible five still 'on the run'.

"And another two detained, initially spotted by NPAS Redhill, detained by dog unit and RPU unit. We have another three possibly outstanding. Starting to run out of handcuffs!"

Dog teams and a police helicopter helped hunt down the six men, who were detained at the scene this afternoon.

Another post from the Surrey Police Twitter account said: "The officer that was updating from the scene was doing so whilst trying to detain the others. We have released both carriageways after detaining six. Please drive with care. M25 is open. Thanks for patience."

The closure caused massive tailbacks along the M25, causing more misery for London's motorists during heavy traffic because of the Tube strike.

A Surrey Police spokesman said: "Six people have been arrested on suspicion of illegal entry in to the country and will be passed over to UK Visas and Immigration."