Funding concerns raised at Irish Autism Action

Funding concerns raised at Irish Autism Action

The Charity Regulator is being asked to investigate Irish Autism Action over concerns about its funding.

Last week the CEO Brian Murnane revealed the group hasn't written a budget for this year.

Concerns are also being raised about the helpline it provides.

Jacqueline Moran of Irish Autism Mammy's has said they want clarity: “Absolutely do a full investigation in Irish Autism Action.

“What they actually do, where the money is raised has gone and it would be just nice to know who they have actually helped.
“Is it just advocacy?

“We have all raised money for Irish Autism Action, we did it under the idea that the money would go directly to help children and resources.”

Mr Murnane defended the charity’s financial controls and said it would continue to provide outreach services at a “sustainable” level after recent cutbacks.

Responding to criticism from parents of autistic children about the level of detail provided in the charity’s accounts, and of cuts in supports.

Mr Murnane said: “The charity has not reverted to advocacy work only, it still provides a range of services.”