Free 'CAPTAIN OF EVIL' book in this week's Sunday World

Portrait of a Predator
Portrait of a Predator

In this week's Sunday World - Don't miss your Free True Crime Book.

Nicola Tallant investigates the life and horrific crimes of pied piper paedophile Eamon Cooke, and his chilling links to the disappearance of schoolboy Philip Cairns. And one brave victim lifts the lid on the secrets Captain Cooke hoped to take to the grave.

This book is dedicated to Siobhan Kennedy McGuinness and to other victims of Cooke who wish to remain anonymous. Somehow they found the courage to stand up to their abuser and to give evidence against him in court. He used the system to silence them but still they fought on, bloodied and battleworn, until eventually they succeeded in caging a monster and sparing countless children from his depraved attentions. Ireland, past and present, owes them an enormous debt of gratitude.

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