Four soldiers killed by truck driven by Palestinian man

Four soldiers killed by truck driven by Palestinian man

A truck driven by a Palestinian rammed into a group of soldiers on a popular promenade in Jerusalem killing four people, according to Israeli police who called it a deliberate attack.

"It is a terrorist attack, a ramming attack," a police spokeswoman said on Israel Radio.

Police said the dead, three women and one man, were all in their 20s.

A medic later said that all four were soldiers.

An Israeli bus driver who witnessed the incident said on the radio the truck ploughed into a group of soldiers, and that they fired on the driver, who reversed direction and ran over them again.

"They shot him, until they neutralised him," said the bus driver.

Israeli TV stations said the driver was killed, and footage showed bullet holes in the truck's windscreen.

Israeli television stations said at least four people were killed and that around 15 were wounded in the incident at the Armon Hanatziv promenade overlooking the walled Old City.

Israel Radio reported the driver was a Palestinian but did not immediately give his name.

A wave of Palestinian street attacks, including vehicle rammings, has largely slowed but not stopped completely since it began in October 2015.