Four in 10 motorists stopped at Garda checkpoints in last six months

Four in 10 motorists stopped at Garda checkpoints in last six months

In a survey carried out by AA Ireland Motor Insurance in October of this year, 41.54% of motorists stated that they had been stopped by Gardaí in the previous six months.

These figures point towards a significant increase in the number of checkpoints being carried out by Gardaí, as a similar survey carried out in June 2015 found that just 26.02% of motorists had been stopped by a Garda in the previous 6 months. However the checks are concentrated in the afternoon and early evening, rather than in the later hours associated with drink-driving.

In total, over 61% of the more than 9,000 motorists surveyed had been stopped at a Garda checkpoint in the last 12 months, an increase of 16.89% on the number of those stopped by Gardaí in the 12 months preceding the June 2015 survey.

“This reflects well on the Garda and their commitment to road safety given how restricted their resources are,” said Director of Consumer Affairs Conor Faughnan.

“While we welcome checkpoints, there appears to be too much concentration on urban areas at relatively safe times of the day. We would rather see them out and about at times associated with drink-driving. Checking people on their way home from work is fine but flashing blue lights in the car park of the pub at closing time are a highly effective deterrent.”

The survey also found that an examination of Tax, Insurance and NCT discs was the most likely reason to be stopped at a checkpoint. 91.78% of motorists surveyed stated that a visual disc check had been carried out when they were stopped, while 11.54% had been breathalysed and 3.58% of motorists were asked about non-traffic related matters.