Former Console boss to apply for social welfare payments

Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly

The former boss of Console plans to apply for social welfare payments it has been reported

According to the Sunday Business Post, Paul Kelly will also seek to have a Hight Court order freezing his assets lifted.

The order, granted on July 5 restricted him and his wife Patricia from accessing their assets.

It is believed that he wants to have the order in relation to his wife lifted so that they can have living expenses. He wants to be allowed repay €3,500 a month on the couple's home in Clane, Co Kildare as well as €1,600 a month on their office.

Concerns about Console were first raised in a Prime Time documentary on June 23.

In the fallout, businessman and campaigner David Hall was brought in as interim chief executive and within days he asked the High Court to freeze the charity's accounts and assets.

Details from the internal HSE audit revealed how Mr Kelly, his wife and son accounted for spending of almost €1m over three years, in salaries, cars and on credit cards for clothes, groceries and foreign travel.

Last Thursday marked the end of the road for Console after three weeks of turmoil. The High Court heard it was "hopelessly insolvent". Mr Hall told the court it had debts of €294,000, and had been loss-making for years, even though the accounts might have shown otherwise.