FIFA update statement to confirm exact figure given to FAI

FIFA clarified the nature of the payment to the FAI
FIFA clarified the nature of the payment to the FAI

FIFA have corrected the statement they issued last night on the payment made to FAI in the aftermath of the Thierry henry handball.

While the FAI statement spoke of €5m being received, the FIFA statement released last night mentioned $5m. That difference is about €500,000, and it generated a number of additional questions.

Now, FIFA have clarified the currency issue, confirming the payment was made in Euros.

The fallout from the confirmation of the payment yesterday continues.

Roy Keane, speaking at Ireland trainign at Malahide today wasn't in the mood to talk about it.

"Do you know what? Not today, I'm not in the mood for all that stuff today. If you want to ask me about the games coming up and the players we have, no problem.

"But I'm not going into the FIFA stuff. I'm here to work with the players and focus on the games coming up, so I'm not going there with that one."

Liam Brady, however, called the payment mind boggling.

Wolfgang Niersbach, the president of the German football federation and a FIFA executive committee member, was also not impressed.

"It is a joke that they paid this money out to stop the Irish taking them in front of court," he told German TV.