Female golfers in trouble after row in club over breastfeeding mother


A female golfer has been suspended and two others have resigned as members after becoming embroiled in a row in which a breastfeeding mother was told her actions were “putting them off their food”.

Disciplinary action has been taken against Pam Nutting while both Janet Morris and Lesley Bailey have quit Whetstone Golf Club in Leicestershire after the mother complained about their comments.

The male Seniors’ Captain has also stepped down in solidarity with the three after an incident at Whetstone Golf Club, Leicestershire, in which one female member is claimed to have said “it’s enough to put you off your food”, while in the hearing of a group of mothers.

Another woman is alleged to have remarked on seeing the mother and baby group in the Leicestershire clubhouse: “I didn’t know we were running a creche”

The Ladies’ Captain Pam Nutting has been suspended and is facing an internal hearing but has denied making any of the comments.

She is facing further sanction after an allegation from the club’s authorities that she circulated confidential emails about the incident but said she will fight the “injustice”.

However, she added the complaint surfaced after one of the mothers’ partners posted the incident on the club’s Facebook page.

“I know exactly what happened,” she claimed, adding there were several members and visitors inside the clubhouse at the time of the incident in April.

“One lady said ’it’s enough to put you off your food’ or words to that effect.

“She didn’t say it loudly, but the woman (with the baby) was up for a confrontation.”

On the Whetstone website, it reads that the club house “provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for golfers and non golfers”.