Fears of Traveller feud after another west Belfast shooting

Fears of Traveller feud after another west Belfast shooting

Tensions are escalating in Belfast's Travelling community after two shooting incidents occurred in the space of two days.

On Thursday Martin Gavin was shot in the upper body as his wife drove him along Rosnareen Avenue shortly before 9am.

Mr Gavin is a member of the Travelling community.

Then yesterday a lone gunman attacked a van with three men inside at around 4.15pm.

An eyewitness told the Belfast Telegraph: "A man ran out from behind the shops, pulled out a gun and began shooting at a white van, which was parked in front of the shops.

"There were loads of children playing right where the attacker began shooting. He could have shot one of the children, it could easily have been fatal."

Detective Inspector Mary White said: "Three men were in the van at the time of the shooting, but all, thankfully, escaped without injury.

"The attacker left the scene on foot following the incident and enquiries are currently ongoing to establish a motive for the shooting."

Sunday World sources in the Travelling community have said that they believe the two incidents are linked.

Mr Gavin is still recovering from his injuries in the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Eyewitnesses on Thursday said that the black Vauxhall that Mr Gavin was travelling in was approached by two men dressed as council workers who shot him through the window of the car.