Family brand thugs who shot at 77-year-old as "scum"

May Brown.
May Brown.

THE INTENDED target of the horror shooting of a 77-year-old great-grandmother in Dublin today labels her attackers as: “Scum”.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday World, May Brown’s grandson, Stephen, reveals the gunman opened fire at his granny at point-blank range on Thursday night.

He also tells how:

  • The gunman called to the house two nights earlier and threw a bar at the door, before warning: “We’ll be back.”
  • He asked for Stephen by name before opening fire on May.
  • The courageous granny was able to identify the shooter from photographs on Facebook.

Yesterday, Gardaí arrested two cousins, aged 29 and 31, believed to be originally from the Cabra area of Dublin, in connection with the shooting.


Speaking to our reporter, Stephen said: “She’s after pulling through surgery. She was able to laugh and joke and she was due to get plastic surgery on the injury last night.

 “We’re so angry that they did this to her, they’re scum, it’s absolutely disgusting.”


Speaking of the moment his grandmother was shot, Stephen said the bullet wound knocked her down and left her lying on the floor of the house.

“They shot five times – it must have been a handgun or something. She answered the door and then they must have just stood back and shot away.

“He must have known he was shooting an old woman because he asked for me by name – it was me he came for. I think he asked her ‘is Stephen there?’ Or something like that. That’s what we’re thinking. The gardai went through it all so they’d be able to tell you for sure.”

Stephen said his grandmother had been upstairs when the gunmen called to his home.

“I don’t know if he shot at the door twice and then me nanny came down the stairs and answered it. And that’s when he did it again.

“We don’t know – but when she answered the door it looks like he started firing again.”

The two men were arrested yesterday following searches in north and south Dublin, but have since been released without charge.

May was lucky to survive after being shot in the lower leg during a premeditated attack at her home on Oliver Plunkett Avenue, Monkstown Farm, Dun Laoghaire on Thursday night.

Stephen revealed that courageous May was able to identify the gunman from pictures on his Facebook page.

“We showed her pictures on Facebook and she was able to point at one and say: ‘That’s him!’

“We know who they are. They were after me over one or two things. It was just a stupid incident that happened and then they came down here.

“They came in the garden and f**ked a bar at the front porch. So me and another person ended up having a scrap with the two of them. So, one of them ended up threatening me then.

“He said they would be back.”

Following a request from Stephen, the Sunday World has agreed not to publish photographs of him.

In a press release prior to yesterday’s arrests, Gardaí described the gunman as being of average height and said they believed he had a beard and wore a hat/hood on his head.

Gardaí also confirmed that May’s six-year-old great-grandson was in the house.

The popular OAP remained in St Vincent’s Hospital last night after receiving a single shot in the lower part of her left leg. Sources said May had absolutely no involvement in the dispute and is considered an “extremely decent” lady.

In the wake of the shooting, the gunman fled the cul-de-sac on foot. Gardaí said they have no information about which direction he went in, or whether he was picked up in a getaway car.

Sources said that the suspects behind the shooting were associates of a local drugs gang.

Superintendent Martin Fitzgerald appealed for information in the case, which he described as “highly unusual” and “very callous”.