Explorer finds "underground Nazi base"

Explorer finds "underground Nazi base"

A Polish explorer says he has found a massive underground structure in south-western Poland he claims the Nazis built to protect thousands of people.

Krzysztof Szpakowski said he has no doubt about his find, which he says was based on evidence he has gathered for decades, including witness statements, old documents and an examination of the area with ground-penetrating radar and dowsers.

Speaking on TVN24, Mr Szpakowski said the structure was part of the "Riese" (giant) system of railway tunnels, corridors and shelters the Nazis were building during Second World War in the mountains around the city of Walbrzych.

He said anything from technical appliances to armaments could be inside, but "not a gold train".

His conference was hosted by Walbrzych regional authorities, who said they have officially registered his information and are seeking state funds for the exploration.

Last month, two other men sparked a gold rush by claiming to have fund a tunnel at a separate location in Walbrzych that contains a Nazi train that could be carrying valuables. Now they say it could be precious minerals for the war industry. Nothing has been found yet.

Historians say there are dozens of miles of tunnels and only 10% have been uncovered. No documents have been found to indicate their overall purpose, but they have attracted explorers and inspired legends of a hidden Nazi train laden with gold.

The region was in Germany until the war ended and then became part of Poland. The Red Army resided in the area for 18 months after the war before handing it over to the Poles.