EXCLUSIVE - Aldo: Send the lying Hillsborough cops to jail

Justice for the 96 at last
Justice for the 96 at last
Aldridge has fought alongside the families of the 96 for justice
Aldridge has fought alongside the families of the 96 for justice

Liverpool legend John Aldridge has told that the police who were guilty of covering up their mistakes that led to the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 should now be sent to jail.

Aldridge was leading the Liverpool forward line on the fateful day when 96 of the club's supporters lost their lives at the FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest and more than 27 years later, a court finally ruled that they were unlawfully killed on Tuesday morning.

The verdict brings to an end the long search for justice for the families of the 96 lost souls, who were forced to endure years of lies from police and British government officials intent on covering up their own glaring failings that contributed to the tragedy.

With the real culprits for the Hillsborough disaster now exposed, Aldridge hopes those responsible for the deaths of Liverpool fans and the scandalous cover up that followed are now brought to justice.

"Now we have justice for the 96, the time has come to go after those who tried to desecrate their memories and that means the police responsible for the Hillsborough disaster have to go to jail," states Aldridge.

"We all knew this day would come because we knew the truth. The players who were involved in that game, the staff at Liverpool, we knew the truth about what happened at Hillsborough and the cover up was a disgrace to the English nation.

"The cover up went to the very highest levels of Margaret Thatcher's government and at last, we now have a verdict that proves the Liverpool fans at Hillsborough that day were not responsible for this disaster.

"This is closure for the families to an extent and while nothing will ever bring back their loved ones, at least they can now rest in peace.

"Congratulations to all the families who fought so hard for this day. Thank you to so many people who have been involved in the campaign. 

"The final chapter of this story should be seeing the rats that were responsible for this tragedy sent to jail. It has to happen now."

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