Eoghan Culligan's girlfriend pays heartbreaking tribute to him in emotional poem

Eoghan Culligan
Eoghan Culligan
Part of the huge crowd that turned out for Eoghan Culligan's funeral
Part of the huge crowd that turned out for Eoghan Culligan's funeral
Sarah McCarthy and Eoghan Culligan
Sarah McCarthy and Eoghan Culligan

At the service in the Church of the Annunciation in Rathfarnham, Eoghan Culligan's girlfriend spoke beautifully about her 'soulmate'.

Here are some of the moving words Sarah spoke;

I'll miss our walks in Dun Laoghaire to catch the sun set and I'll miss our ritual of a cup of tea and a biscuit every night after dinner.

I'll miss our seasonal trips to Vienna to visit Andy and T, our walks in Marley Park and how we'd Facetime each other every night before bed.

I'll also miss texting you every second of the day and how we were the only ones who understood what real music was. 

I'll miss the way you never left my side and when it was time to say goodbye you'd hug me so tight, tell me how much you loved me and then say goodnight.

I'll miss you waiting on me patiently without any fuss and how you always made sure I knew no one else in the world mattered except us.

I'll miss hearing you tell me how amazing we were and how we were put on this earth to be with each other.

I'll miss how much you loved and the future we could have had and the memories we could have made.

My soulmate was taken from me but I know you will live on in my heart every day and that you will guide me every step of the way.

Eoghan Culligan's brothers, Stephen and Andy, fought tears yet brought moments of laugher to the congregation as they remembered their younger sibling.

"He was always the one who saw both the common ground and the stupidity of our arguments. He was our translator, our sense-maker, our peacemaker, He was our wiser brother," Stephen said.

The Culligan brothers remembered Eoghan as an entertaining young man and revelled in his contradictions - a trendsetter who needed advice and someone who dieted with a pizza.

Andy said he brought the other brothers together despite petty arguments and as the family grew older he kept it youthful by always treating their parents as "mum and dad".

"Just beautifully strange and always up for the laugh. Just weird and wonderful. That's the type of bloke he was," he said.

He added: "What's been very apparent to me over the last few days, even though I knew it being through some up and down times myself, Eoghan would always be the person I could rely on.

"He was my little brother but he was my big brother at the same time."