Tallies point to success for Yes campaign in Marriage referendum

Ballot boxes are being opened around the country
Ballot boxes are being opened around the country

It is still early days, with only a handful of boxes open but it looks like Ireland has passed the proposal to put same-sex marriage to the constitution.

The boxes had only opened when reports of a landslide win for the Yes side in parts of Dublin.

As for around the country, tallies in Tralee say it is running at 60/40 for yes and Meath East has similar numbers.

Galway West is also tallying at over 70 per cent yes.

Fine Gael are saying that they expect Mayo to vote yes, somewhere around the 56 per cent mark in favour.

Even Donegal, who have a trend in recent years of rejecting most proposals in referedums, look to be going for a yes in this one.

The reports of a higher than normal turnout, around the 60 per cent mark, are also seen as a positive for the yes side and it seems the increase in voter numbers has indeed favoured the yes side. 

One of the most familiar faces from the No campaign, David Quinn of the Iona Institute, has conceded.

However, it looks like Roscommon/South Leitrim are possibly going to vote no, based on the tallies, bucking the national trend.

The latsest taly for all of Dublin puts the vote in the capital at 70 per cent Yes.

As for the other referendum, on reducing the age that a person can run for president, the first tallies we have seen are for Dublin South, with 65 per cent voting No.

Finally in the by-election in Carlow/Kilkenny it is very close, with tallies saying that Fianna Fail are on 22 per cent of first preferences, Labour on 20, Fine Gael on 18 and Sinn Fein on 16.

Update on Carlow/Kilkenny, with 60 per cent of boxes open

FF 25, FG 21, SF 17, Re 9.5, Lab 9pc, Green 5pc, PBP 4, AAA 3.5

Could be a long night at that count.

More to follow...