That looks like a nasty Whacker: Duffy snapped with injured hand after INLA mob dole out horrific beating

Declan 'Whacker' Duffy
Declan 'Whacker' Duffy

Terror thug Declan ‘Whacker’ Duffy was nursing a visible hand injury when the Sunday World tracked him down this week – days after he was involved in a confrontation where a bodyguard working for Jim Mansfield Jnr was attacked by INLA thugs.

On Tuesday, a bodyguard who has provided security for Mansfield Jnr for more than a decade, was injured when he was attacked by Declan ‘Whacker’ Duffy and ‘border fox’ Dessie O’Hare.

Close protection officer Martin Byrne, who was head of security for the Mansfield Group, is believed to have been beaten by Duffy and a number of his goons who he had brought along to the meeting with Mansfield.

It is understood that the INLA extortionists were looking to speak to Mansfield when things turned dirty and the garda helicopter was deployed to the Saggart area, in west Dublin.

The pair were followed but the chopper ran out of fuel during the chase.

Sources say that the violent duo have been offering their ‘security services’ to troubled Mansfield, who was warned recently that his life was in danger.

We tracked the INLA chief down this week just days after the incident, which also left an associate of Duffys  – John Roche – hospitalised with a fractured skull.

Whacker is still leading a rogue INLA faction in Dublin despite the organisation standing down its Dublin ‘brigade’ in 2009. 

Gardai believe Duffy (41), has been throwing his weight around as the gang step up their criminal activities again. 

A source said: “There was a large INLA contingent there. There seems to have been a dispute over protection rackets. There is constant infighting in republican circles over money and protection rackets.” 


Dessie O'Hare

Roche, from Clondalkin in west Dublin, was severely beaten and suffered a fractured skull, a broken nose and jaw, two broken arms and other injuries. 

It is understood he told gardai he fell and is refusing to make a complaint.

Republican Roche is a close pal of Thomas Kelly, who was jailed for handing a deadly Glock pistol and 50 rounds of ammunition to a prominent INLA member in Dundalk and served three-and-a-half years in prison.

Byrne, was also attacked by the same gang 15 minutes earlier but his injures were not as serious. He works around Finnstown House Hotel, which is run by Jim Jnr and other members of the Mansfield family. 

Duffy was wearing a bandage on his arm when the Sunday World tracked him to a location in Dublin’s south inner-city days after the Saggart incident. 
The paranoid thug was employing counter-surveillance measures as he is aware of threats against him. 

His partner Sandra Comerford left her car parked outside their apartment and came out a number of times to check if the coast was clear for Whacker. 

She then opened the back door of the car, which had tinted windows, and got into the driver’s seat while staying in contact with him by phone. When she told Duffy the coast was clear he scurried out and jumped into the back of the car before Comerford drove away. 

They then double-backed on themselves to make sure they weren’t being followed. 

“He’s been around Dublin a lot lately. He had been in Armagh last year because of threats against him, but he’s obviously feeling a lot more confident now"

Duffy is right to be paranoid as he has been targeted in numerous assassination plots over the years and is constantly feuding with crime gangs. 

Gangs led by ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson and Alan Ryan, as well as a Tallaght outfit and a traveller mob, are just a few of those to clash with the INLA thug.

Thompson’s crew tried to kill him on a number of occasions, with several shootings, grenade attacks and assaults linked to the feud. 

However, with Thompson now in prison, Duffy feels more confident. 

“He’s been around Dublin a lot lately. He had been in Armagh last year because of threats against him, but he’s obviously feeling a lot more confident now,” said a source.

The INLA stood down Duffy’s Dublin brigade in 2009 citing allegations of criminality and involvement in drug dealing. The group also decommissioned arms.

Former members such as Duffy continue to run a Dublin brigade, but it is effectively just a criminal organisation trading under the banner. 

Duffy also previously feuded with Real IRA members. 

Duffy pictured this week

In April, Duffy’s associates were involved in burning out the car of an innocent businessman in Glasnevin on the northside of the city. It is believed Duffy’s gang were hired as debt collectors for another businessman owed money by the victim. 

Duffy has a lengthy criminal history. He was centrally involved in the infamous Ballymount Bloodbath in 1999, where INLA member Patrick ‘Bo’ Campbell died after being hacked with a machete following a row between the INLA and a crime gang. 

Whacker was convicted after gardai caught him with a note detailing exactly what happened in the incident.

Duffy was charged with INLA membership and pleaded guilty in 2009. He publicly denounced the INLA before being sentenced to four years.  

He was subsequently arrested on a European Arrest Warrant for the murder of British army recruitment officer Michael Newman, who was shot dead in Derby in England in 1992. 

Duffy served just two-and-a-half years over the killing.