Drug mule Michaella: ‘I did it for 'excitement'

Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid at the time of their arrest in Lima
Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid at the time of their arrest in Lima

Michaella McCollum has admitted to smuggling drugs for the ‘excitement’.

She has revealed in an interview that she had a choice in the infamous actions that led to her arrest alongside Melissa Reid at Lima's international airport in 2013 as they tried to board a flight to Spain with 24lb of cocaine hidden in porridge wrappers.

The Tyrone native is now back in Ireland after serving just half her sentence in Peru.

For the first time Michaella has taken responsibility for her part in smuggling drugs, telling the Irish Mail On Sunday: “Nobody actually put a gun to my head and made me do it.

“Obviously, we both knew there was no way we were forced.

“We kind of thought there was no option, but of course there was.”

Aged 20 at the time Michaella admitted she started using drugs and came apart of the party scene in Ibiza.

 “Everybody was doing it. Everybody was on Ket [Ketamine]. Everybody was so drugged up and it was so normal.

“I kind of thought I would try it and obviously I liked it and I got carried away.”

According to the newspaper it was during a “four-day” bender that she was recruited by a drug smuggler.

“I was totally influenced by drugs, I don’t even know what I was thinking,” she admitted.

 “I can’t explain what was going on in my head. Days of partying had a big influence in the decision I made to go there.

“He told me there was a girl there my age and she would help me.”

Michaella also finally admitted how much she was getting paid – €5,000 per deal.

But the party girl insisted that she didn’t smuggle drugs for the money – but it gave her some ‘excitement’.

“I did it for being stupid. I did it because I wasn’t really thinking straight, it was totally out of character.

She has also told how a 15-minute screaming match with her accomplice on a bus full of English and American tourists blew their cover.

McCollum claims the Peru Two's cover was blown after a "blazing row" on a bus ahead of their attempted cocaine smuggle.

She said: “We were both freaking out. I didn’t really want to see the sites. When we were coming down on the bus, I just sat there in silence.

"Melissa wanted to know what was wrong and we just had this blazing row.

“Everyone on that bus must have known what we were doing. We were shouting about smuggling drugs.”