Peru Two drug mule Melissa Reid: 'I knew what I was doing when I smuggled drugs'

Melissa Reid.
Melissa Reid.

Peru Two drug mule Melissa Reid has admitted that she knew what she was doing when she smuggled drugs.

The 22-year-old, from Lenzie, East Dunbartonshire, admitted she knew what she was doing and that if she had not been caught she could be dead.

When she was arrested in 2013 and put on trial, Reid and her pal and fellow smuggler Michaella McCollum claimed they had both been forced to carry the drugs into Peru.

However, Reid has now admitted she was aware of her criminal actions.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Reid told of her regret and how she was embarrassed but also that she would no longer deny her crimes.

She told the newspaper: "I knew what I was doing. I made a conscious decision to do it and no one forced me."

When quizzed about her life at the time, Reid admitted taking drugs including cocaine and ecstasy and that she felt she was in a downward spiral.

She told the paper: "I honestly think that if I had carried on the way I was going I would be dead right now."

Speaking of the moment she was arrested, Reid told how it was only then she realised how serious it was.

She told the Mail on Sunday: "I was scared and made up a story thinking I would be believed."

She was placed by the British embassy on a KLM flight from Lima to Amsterdam and then on to a connecting flight to Glasgow from Holland’s Schiphol airport accompanied by her father Billy.

This is Reid’s first taste of freedom after she and Michaella McCollum were found by officers with 24.2lb of cocaine, worth £1.5million, August 6, 2013.

The release comes after a judge in Lima last month granted an order to expel Reid as she met the legal requirements for release.

After the judge made the decision, she faced a wait of up to 20 days to allow the full release process to be finalised.