Dog rescued after being stuck in well for two weeks with no food

Dog rescued after being stuck in well for two weeks with no food

A dog had a lucky escape after falling 60ft down a well and surviving with no food and only rain water to drink for two weeks.

Bobby the cocker spaniel's barks and whines were eventually heard by two farmers and an emergency team was scrambled to rescue him.

He was hauled to safety and wagged his tail in delight as he was reunited with his delighted owner, named in reports as Adrian Phillips, in the field in Gimingham, Norfolk.

John Linden, watch manager with the Dereham urban search and rescue team, a specialist crew with the Norfolk fire service, said it was amazing the pooch had survived so well in the conditions.

He told the Press Association: "It is just incredible to think that this dog has been missing for two weeks and possibly has been down that well for all that time.

"We have had a lot of rain so he must have been surviving off the water, and dogs eat mud and all sorts. But for a dog that had been down there that long it is incredible."

The crew arrived at the field shortly after 5pm on Thursday to find the owner and two concerned farmers, named in reports as Ali Cargill and his wife Rachel, standing anxiously over the well.

He said: "I could see the dog at the bottom of what is a reasonably deep well. The farmer had lowered down a bucket of water.

"One of our crew went down and managed to retrieve him. He bought the dog up to the top and he seemed fine, despite the ordeal. It was absolutely fantastic.

"He was wagging his tail and seemed quite happy, the owner was there and making a fuss of him.

"It is an absolutely incredible reaction. The owner was so pleased. They had almost given up hope from what they were saying, the amount of time that had passed they weren't expecting to see him, so they were really pleased."

The farmers who own the land grew concerned that a dog might be in distress somewhere nearby after hearing barking and whining.

They went out to investigate, discovered Bobby languishing in the well and called the emergency services.

A small crowd gathered to watch one of the firefighters descend the well and emerge holding the pooch which was reunited with his owner.

Mr Linden said: "People's pets are part of the family and it is amazing considering the circumstances and the distance the dog had fallen, the well was around 50 or 60ft."