Do you recognise any of this stolen jewellery?

NewsBy Neil Fetherston
Do you recognise any of this stolen jewellery?

Do you recognise any of this jewellery?

The Gardaí have released these images of stolen property that they have recovered as part of Operation Fiacla that targets groups involved in residential burglaries nationwide. 

“A key aspect of this is the work we put into identifying the persons/groups who receive/purchase the stolen goods,” the gardai said in a statement

“We hope to disrupt the stolen goods markets thereby making it less attractive for thieves to steal in the first place."

Over 1,000 items of jewellery were recovered as a result of search operation carried out on Sunday, February 22

“We are anxious to reunite this property with its rightful owners,” the gardai say. “Some of it already identified by our trawl through our own stolen property Pulse records.

“Some items are very valuable but also the less valuable may be of immense sentimental value."

View the property on the Garda Facebook page and the Garda Website

To arrange to view the property please contact on 01 6663999 (office hours) or email [email protected] providing phone contact details and indicating what property (images) you wish to view.