Did Cookie Monster bury Philip in secret mountain bunker?

Eamon Cooke and his ex wife
Eamon Cooke and his ex wife

The ex-wife of notorious paedophile Eamon Cooke today breaks her silence over her estranged husband’s links to Philip Cairn’s abduction, saying: “Gardaí need to search his underground bunker.”

Former radio boss Cooke – dubbed the ‘Cookie Monster – was interviewed by gardaí over the infamous missing person’s case before his death last week. 

Speaking three days after the serial child sex predator’s coffin was buried in a grave marked with only his first wife Lena’s name in Glasnevin Cemetery, his second wife revealed:

The Pirate DJ kept a secret bunker in the form of a lorry container buried 20 feet underground at an isolated rural location in Crooksling, Tallaght.

She believes Gardaí need to dig for Philip’s remains there and at a transmitter site in the Dublin mountains from where he boosted Radio Dublin’s signal.

She was savagely beaten for years by sicko Cooke.

In an exclusive interview, Sarah (not her real name) revealed how she was approached by Gardaí last week and asked to give a statement regarding Cooke’s property holdings.

She said her friend, victim’s right’s campaigner Angela Copley, was the first person to tip Gardaí off in May about Cooke’s suspected involvement in the 13-year-old’s abduction and murder.

Angela went to the Gardaí after receiving a call in May identifying one of Cooke’s victims as the person who dumped Philip’s schoolbag in the lane days after his abduction in 1986.

Philip, who it is now believed was killed by Cooke in his radio studios in Inchicore, in October 1986, vanished without a trace as he walked back to his school Coláiste Eanna in Rathfarnham.

Philip Cairns

Sarah broke her silence in a bid to make it clear to the Cairns family she had no knowledge of any links between Cooke and Philip Cairn’s disappearance until Angela and the Gardaí informed her of the new line of inquiry.

“I met Cooke in 1989, three years after Philip’s disappearance,” Sarah told the Sunday World. 

“He thought he was a superstar and he was obsessed with his radio station.

“I didn’t know anything about Philip Cairns and he [Eamon] has been locked up for the last 10 years. I don’t why anyone, if they had information, wouldn’t have come forward sooner.

“I do know Eamon terrified people.

“Was he capable of killing someone? The answer to that is yes. He tried to kill me on a number of occasions.

“When I met him in 1989 I was in my 20s and he was in his 50s.

“I didn’t have a family. I grew up in care, so I had no parents to turn to – I was like a sitting duck. I, myself, had been a victim of paedophile priest Bill Carney.

“At first he seemed charming and we married after we had known each other six weeks.

“It didn’t take long until he turned nasty. He tried to strangle me, another time he tried to drown me in the bathtub and on another occasion he kicked me down the stairs. He controlled everything, but he was obsessed with the radio station.

“He would never give me any money… I would get texts from him if I went out anywhere saying he had seen me and I wasn’t allowed to have any friends.”

“I got a phone-call a couple of weeks before he died, but I refused to go and see him.”

Cooke's ex-wife spoke to us about his secrets

After it emerged Cooke was a child abuser, Sarah initiated divorce proceedings against him.

But even from behind bars he continued to exercise control over her life, clearing the couple’s joint bank account of IR£80,000. 

“He was infatuated with the radio station, but the site where the station was in Inchicore was demolished.

“They need to talk with the builder who took it down in case he saw anything. The mountains also… the Gardaí need to dig at the site in the Dublin mountains where the signal for Radio Dublin would have been boosted.”

Sarah said her ex-husband had a large portfolio of properties that Gardaí now need to search to look for tragic Philip’s body.

“In the 1990s when he was selling some of the properties the taxman was after him and he bought a [lorry] container and buried it 20 feet underground on land he’d bought out in Crooksling. He then moved a huge amount of his personal possessions from a house he was selling into that container.

“He bought another site in Aclare, outside Tubbercurry in Sligo.

“Why would anyone have bought remote properties at rural locations that he did nothing with… that has to be looked at.

“They need to ask what the Gardaí knew back then, what the HSE knew and if a Garda knew about the girl who dumped the schoolbag, why wasn’t she approached back then.”