Depraved Irishman made Alsation perform sex act on him in front of teen girls

Raymond McGahan
Raymond McGahan

THIS is the depraved dog abuser who got an Alsatian to perform a sex act on him in full view of two teenage girls.

Raymond McGahan enticed the dog to perform oral sex on him when he stuck his private parts through a fence.

The 49-year-old of Hunters Crescent, Omagh, walked free from Omagh Magistrates Court this week when a judge handed him a suspended jail sentence.

McGahan, seen here wearing a Liverpool FC hat, told the court he was “deeply embarrassed” as he pleaded guilty to the sickening incident which was witnessed by two girls aged 15 and 16.

He admitted a charge of indecent behaviour – saving the teenage girls the embarrassment of having to recount their distressing witness statements in court.

District Judge Peter Prenter described the pervert’s actions as “disgusting behaviour” as he sentenced him to four months in jail, suspended for two years.

It also emerged in court that McGahan had a previous conviction in 1985, when he was 19 years old, which was described as being “relevant”.

The latest incident happened on August 8 when the teenage girls saw McGahan behind their home. 

They observed him put his private part through the fence and beckon the Alsatian to him. The dog then licked his private part. 

McGahan then met the father of one of the girls and lied by claiming he was only “having a pee”.

He was reported and subsequently told police that he saw dogs in the alleyway near a house but went there to urinate.

An extensive pre-sentence report was prepared for the court which included a report from a cognitive behavioural therapist.

Defence solicitor Michael Fahy said his client was “acutely embarrassed”, adding that he “deeply regretted the matter and understood it was wholly and entirely inappropriate”.

He asked that the defendant get credit for pleading guilty to the offence, thereby saving the girls having to give their evidence in court in what was a “wholly unsavoury matter”.

Following his arrest for the incident, McGahan spent a week on remand while a suitable address was being sought for his bail. 

Mr Fahy said the week in custody had been a “very chastening experience for him and caused him a lot of distress and he was happy to be released”.

The solicitor added: “He is highly trepidacious of any possibility of going back to prison again and will be very content and relieved when the proceedings come to an end.”

Imposing the suspended jail term, District Judge Peter Prenter gave McGahan credit for pleading guilty.

Addressing the defendant, the judge said: “No doubt this was unacceptable behaviour. It was unsavoury behaviour and could be described as disgusting behaviour. 

“Perhaps some therapy would be helpful but that cannot be done by the court. This is a very serious offence.”

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