Convicted sex offender captured after day-release visit to Cologne beer hall

Peter Breidenbach
Peter Breidenbach

A convicted sex offender and robber who escaped his prison guards during a day-release visit to a Cologne beer hall has been recaptured by German police.

The convict, named as Peter Breidenbach, who has been described as dangerous, slipped away during an outing on Wednesday while he and one of his guards were in the restaurant’s toilet.

“This should never have happened,” North Rhine-Westphalia state justice ministry spokesman Detlef Feige told local newspaper the Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger.

Breidenbach had been sentenced to a nine-year jail term for rape and serious robbery in 1991 and had since then been held in preventive custody.

He was not hand-cuffed when he managed to escape, near the city’s famed Gothic cathedral.

The paper reports that he was found sitting on a bike on the outskirts of the town.