Convicted child rapist beaten up in Dublin suburb

Danny Ward
Danny Ward

Facebook images appear to show that child rapist Danny Ward was beaten up in Ringsend after he was recognised by local residents

The story emerged on FM104's Chris Barry phoneshow who posted the pictures of the aftermath of the incident onto their Facebook page.

The show report that the man in the pictures is Danny Ward, who was convicted of a child rape for which he served a term in prison.

The 34-year-old was spotted in Glasnevin in October last year and last night locals became aware that he was in the Ringsend area.

There are few details on what happened next but what is clear that Ward was attacked and left bloodied on the floor.

Gardai have confirmed that a man received minor injuries in an incident in Ringsend at about 9pm last night.

No arrests were made after the attack, which occurred on Irishtown Road.

The radio station fielded a number of calls on last night's Chris Barry Show about the incident with some condemning the 'mob mentality' while also despising the crime Ward had committed, details of which can't be revealed for legal reasons.