Coked-up terror boss 'wont pay a penny' to raise his daughter says ex

Jamie Brown says Onions will get custody over her "dead body"
Jamie Brown says Onions will get custody over her "dead body"
Eddie 'Onions' Rainey
Eddie 'Onions' Rainey

Coked -up terror boss Eddie 'Onions' Rainey is to go to war with his ex over the care of their daughter.

South Belfast UVF chief Rainey is planning to take the nine-year-old from his former partner Jamie Brown claiming the 36-year-old is an unfit mother.

But this week his feisty ex-lover came out fighting claiming he’d only get his daughter “over my dead body”.

Speaking from her home in the loyalist heartland of Sandy Row Jamie told us she’d fight Onions, “all the way”.

She also lifted the lid on Rainey’s cocaine-soaked lifestyle.

“In nine years Eddie hasn’t given me a penny for that child,” said a furious Jamie.


“He hasn’t put a stitch on her back and now he thinks he can walk in after nearly ten years and take her from me.


“I’m the one who has looked after her, clothed her and fed her. Eddie did nothing – except see the child for about an hour every week.


“If Eddie wants a fight over her I’ll give him a fight, all the way.”

And she said going up against her bully-boy ex holds no fear for her.

“I’m not scared of him. I know he’s the UVF leader round here but I don’t care. I’m not scared of him or any of his wee boys he has to go out and beat people up and do his dirty work.

“It’ll be over my dead body that I let Eddie Rainey take my daughter from me.”

Jamie said someone close to her contacted Social Services over concerns about the way she looks  after her kids.

She says they then went to Eddie, who lives in the Donegall Pass area.

Since then Rainey has been busy putting it about that Jamie is an unfit mum who has been taking drugs.

But fearless Jamie, who has four children, told the Sunday World that Eddie is a regular cocaine user.

“He tries to hide it but he loves taking cocaine. We used to take it together when we were a couple,”  she said.

“I’m a good mother to [name removed]. I don’t go out at the weekends. I don’t have the money for it but Eddie has plenty of cash to go out and drink and take drugs.”

Rainey is at the head of a major UVF crime gang. The balding gangster oversees a cash-soaked drug dealing operation which he runs from his Donegall Pass bolt hole.

He has become a heavy cocaine user in recent years and spends most of his weekends snorting coke with UVF pals. The Sunday World first uncovered Rainey’s operation two years ago when he went into partnership with an eastern European crime gang dubbed The Russians.


He flooded his own area with cocaine, heroin and meth, and in return for allowing The Russians to deal with impunity in his area they supplied him and his cohorts with high grade coke.

The Sunday World understands that despite the relationship turning sour Rainey continues to sell drugs and has moved outside his area and is operating in the nearby Dublin Road and Belfast city centre.

Jamie said someone had stabbed her in the back to curry favour with her former partner

“Someone I thought was my friend has let me down badly and they went to Social Services about me and they went round to Eddie to tell him a pack of lies.

“Social Services have been round to my door but they know there’s nothing to worry about.”

And Jamie has lifted the lid on so-called hard man Eddie Rainey.

She says he once hid in a cupboard while her ex was trying to kick her front door down.

And she says she had to dump Eddie because he was too intense.

“We used to have a good relationship but then Eddie started acting like a stalker and I had to get rid of him,” she says.

“He used to come round my house to wake me up and if I didn’t answer he would shove a load of roses through the door.

“He was a head melter and he started getting really possessive over me and I hated that.

“At the start we had some great times partying but it all went downhill pretty quickly. I remember one time when we had been out to the pub and we’d both been taking cocaine.

“We went back to my house, we were drinking and taking drugs and at 4am my ex-partner came round the house and started booting my front door.

“Instead of going out to sort him out Eddie hid in a cupboard until he’d gone. That’s Eddie all over.

“He may be the top UVF man but he never gets his hands dirty – he always gets someone else to do it for him.

“He never f***ed up about being in the UVF, he loved it. But he was a balloon head and I dumped him because he was melting my head.

“Now he wants to take the daughter that he has had virtually nothing to do with all these years. It’s not going to happen.”

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