Christopher Greener, once Britain’s tallest man, buried in 8ft coffin

Christopher Greener's coffin needed eight pallbearers
Christopher Greener's coffin needed eight pallbearers

An enormous coffin measuring almost 8ft long carried by eight pallbearers was used to lay Britain's former tallest man to rest.

Christopher Greener, who died last month aged 71, held the title for four decades and was a towering 7ft 6in - with his growth stopping only due to surgery.

He was buried at St Mary's Cemetery in Hayes, Bromley, in a double plot close to his former home.

His body was placed in a coffin adapted for his height, which required eight pallbearers to manage both its length and Mr Greener's 30-stone frame.

At 7ft 10in in length, the coffin only narrowly fitted into the hearse, according to the funeral directors.