Car smashes into 94-year-old’s home like a “mini earthquake”

Car smashes into 94-year-old’s home like a “mini earthquake”

A Wexford woman got the fright of her life when a car crashed into the front of her house, propelling bricks and rubble into her front room, but mercifully missing a prized piece of Waterford Crystal.

Peggy Shiggins, who is 94 years old, said it felt like ‘a mini earthquake’ and it was as if her ‘house had suddenly been lifted’ and dropped back down again when the car crashed into the wall at 4.30 a.m. on a Sunday two weeks ago.

Mrs Shiggins said: ‘I knew it wasn’t a break in so I came downstairs, opened the front door and could see bits and pieces on my two front steps which looked like they belonged to a black car.’

Mrs Shiggins then went upstairs to a window to get a better view of what had happened.

Below she could see a large black car embedded in her house and further down she could see another car, which was facing the wrong way.

A neighbour on High Street rang the Garda station and emergency services, who had to cut open the roof of the car to free the driver.


The following day Mrs Shiggins called the hospital to enquire about the man, who was treated but never admitted.

As well as the damage to her wall, the impact had smashed a bowl and some of the plaster under her window had collapsed from the impact. Richard Browne, from Browne’s Builders and his sister Angela visited Mrs Shiggins after her incident and were ‘of immeasurable help’ to her.

He organised for someone to come along and fill the hole in the wall and do other construction work on the inside of her home. Mrs Shiggins said: ‘That man is very lucky to be alive.

I am just so fortunate that the Waterford Crystal bowl I had placed in the front room did not break as well as it was a gift to my husband when he retired.’

Sara Gahan – Wexford People