Burglars break in… Babysitter chases them out of house

The brave woman chased the burglars away by herself
The brave woman chased the burglars away by herself

A babysitter has chased away two burglars after they broke into a house where she was looking after two young children.

The young woman was caring for the children in East Sussex in England, at 11.20pm on March 20, when she found two men in the hallway.

The men ran off, stealing a green satchel containing a Kindle e-reader, but the babysitter gave chase and attempted to stop one of the thieves climbing over the garden fence.

She suffered a cut finger and bruised leg in the struggle.

A police spokesman said: "After hearing a noise, the babysitter went out to investigate and found two men in the hallway rummaging through the occupant's handbag.

"As soon as they saw the babysitter they ran off, and when she tried to stop one of them from escaping over the garden fence a struggle ensued and she was left with a cut finger and a bruised leg."

Detective Constable Jane Kemp said: "The brave young babysitter has been left very shaken up after disturbing these two men."