Builders and the 'Bum': Ex-UDA bully gives up the 'low life' to get a real job

FAT BUNT (Second from left)
FAT BUNT (Second from left)

Former UDA bully John Bunting has swapped the role of paramilitary brigadier to become a builder.

We can reveal the roly poly ex-terror boss is doing building work for a reputable building firm in Bangor.

After our picture earlier this year showed he had piled on the pounds it seems he took the warning that he needed to ‘shift a bit of timber’ literally!

Bunting started the job four weeks ago around the same time charges were dropped against him for the attempted murder of north Belfast loyalists Andre Shoukri and John ‘Bonzer’ Boreland.

Bunting, who now lives in Conlig, had been accused of ordering the shooting of the pair during a bizarre incident in Ballysillan in August 2014.

But five weeks ago all charges were dropped against him and two other loyalists after the PPS said there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case.

There has been great surprise that the 48-year-old, who has long been one of UDA boss Jackie McDonald’s closed allies, has decided on a building job following decades of involvement with the terror group.

“He’s been seen driving about in the company van several times,” said a source. “Everyone’s shocked he’s become a builder – it just shows how the mighty have fallen!


“John Bunting made a lot of people’s lives miserable in north Belfast while he sat on his arse creaming off the profits.”

Bunting’s north Belfast UDA unit, based in the Tiger’s Bay area, was notorious for its drug dealing and punishment beatings.

On numerous occasions the local people staged protests against Bunting and his cohorts for allowing drugs to flood onto their streets with several young men losing their lives as a result.

He lost control of north Belfast last year following a coup and the brigade is now in the control of Bill Hill.

Bunting was at the centre of a bizarre loyalist incident last summer when former north Belfast UDA boss Andre Shoukri and John ‘Bonzer’ Boreland claimed they had been shot at.

Boreland and Shoukri allegedly came under gun attack as they drove through Carr’s Glen Park in the Ballysillan area.

Shots were fired after they got out of their car to confront a group of men who had thrown an object at the vehicle.  

It was alleged Fat Boy Bunting gave the order “get the pieces” before his two co-accused produced handguns.

According to Shoukri’s account to police Bunting then instructed: “Right, do them.”

Bunting always firmly denied involvement in any shooting incident, claiming the allegations had been made up.

While he was awaiting trial for the charges Bunting had his bail conditions changed so he could go on holiday to Benidorm.

A photo of him during the boozy holiday showed the loyalist was barely recognisable after piling on several stones in weight.

“Maybe he took a job that involves a bit of graft so he can lose a couple of those spare tyres,” said one loyalist.

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