Boxer Nevin’s sister takes lie detector to stop social media rumours

Nevin was barred from every pub in Co Westmeath
Nevin was barred from every pub in Co Westmeath

A SISTER of Olympic boxer John Joe Nevin took a lie-detector test in a bid to stop untrue allegations being spread about her on social media.

Eighteen-year-old Mandy had been the target of false rumours within the traveller community, in which a girl’s reputation is taken very seriously.

This week, another of Mandy’s  brothers, Paddy, posted images of pages from a report of a ‘psycho-physiological test’ carried out by a lie-detector firm.

One page contains questions in which she is asked whether she controls a certain Facebook page to which she replies “No”.

Another question was: “Did you ever passionately kiss any boys?” To which she also replied “No”.

A third, more searching question asked: “Did you ever have any sexual contact with boys?”

Again Mandy replied “No” after which the tester concluded that her answers were truthful.

Her brother Paddy let his delight be known with the pictures of the report adding that “scandal givers” should “kiss our arses”.

The examiner wrote in a report: “The analysis and with the information available at the time of the examination, it is the opinion of the examiner that Mandy Nevin was being TRUTHFUL when she answered the questions listed below.” Another statement declares: “No deception indicated.”

CLOSE-KNIT FAMILY: Mandy Nevin (left) with brother Paddy, dad Martin, sister Mary, mum Christina and sister Alice in 2008

Paddy didn’t mince his words with an online post outlining the test results which were carried out by a Dublin-based firm.

“There lie dector test results now she passed thats up yee holes now yee ould scandal givers yee kiss our arses now best 550 ever spent and dats [name] and [name] for yee now my addvice to yee is go to the preast for yee selfs yee and look for forgivence for your selfs daddy and mommy be out more money on preastest than lie dectors,” posted Paddy.

Posts on social media sites had made untrue allegations about Mandy which she and her family have denied, according to sources.

Bullying on social media websites has become a serious problem with heartbreaking stories of suicides making headlines in the last two years.

Earlier this month it emerged 17-year-old Ronan Hughes from Fermanagh died by suicide after bullies tricked him into posting pictures online.

His death left his family and friends deeply shocked and provoked calls for greater control by social media companies.Its come after a series of deaths by suicide involved young teenage girls in the south who had been the focus of bullying on the notorious website

Many schools now run anti-bullying programmes which focus on social media, educating teenagers on what they should or shouldn’t do to avoid bullies.

Social media has increasingly been used within the traveller community to post threats and taunts aimed at rivals although this is usually between bare-knuckle boxers.

Mandy’s uncle, Ditsy Nevin, has previously posted video rants in which he verbally attacks members of rival clans.

Members the Nevin clan have also clashed with each other and members of other traveller families in their home town of Mullingar and the Midlands.

Boxer John Joe Nevin has also been caught up in the unrest and recently ended up in court after a melee on the streets of Mullingar. In April, boxer Nevin was barred from every pub in Co Westmeath following a court case following a fight outside a bar.

Mandy’s lie detector report

He was one of five members of his extended family to appear before Mullingar District Court, charged with being drunk in a public place and with threatening and abusive behaviour.

Nevin who admitted the public order offence, was ordered to donate €500 to the court poor box.