Bomb was 'kicked by child' in north Belfast


Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly has said that a child kicked a suspected booby-trap device which may have fallen off a car in which a member of military personnel was travelling.

Mr Kelly said that an off-duty police officer was called to the Linden Gardens area on Thursday and examined the device before the police and army arrived.

He explained: "I found out from residents this morning that one of the children had actually kicked it on the way up the street.

"We could be talking about fatalities or very serious injuries here.

"Somebody needs to explain this, whoever's involved in it.

"I assume it's one of these so-called dissident organisations, they need to explain what they are doing attacking the community with very dangerous devices."

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Campbell said: "Those responsible have no qualms about putting people's lives at risk and causing disruption to the community.

"There is no doubt that this device had the potential to cause serious injury or death."

DUP MP for north Belfast, Nigel Dodds, said: "Not only were local residents placed in the line of harm, but so were those passing through the area and those making their way to nearby primary schools, shops and a playgroup."