Bodies of foreign trekkers and villagers found in Nepal as death toll from earthquake continues to rise

The body of a quake victim is cremated.
The body of a quake victim is cremated.

The bodies of a number of foreign trekkers and villagers have been found in Nepal as the death toll from last week’s earthquake continues to rise.

Over 7,000 are now known to have died after a Nepali police team has pulled out the bodies of about 50 people, including some foreign trekkers, from an avalanche-hit area.

None of the bodies have been identified, said Pravin Pokharel, deputy superintendent of police in the northern district of Rasuwa.

Mr Pokharel, who led the police team, said the bodies were pulled out yesterday and rescuers would return to the remote area today.

At least 200 other people are still missing in the area, including villagers and trekkers, the most senior bureaucrat in the district.

The government said the death toll from the earthquake has reached 7,040 and the number of injured was 14,123.

More than 100 people in neighbouring India and China also died in the quake, officials say.

Meanwhile, US military aircraft and personnel are due to arrive in Nepal today, to help ferry relief supplies to stricken areas outside the capital, a US Marines spokeswoman said.

Marine Brigadier General Paul Kennedy has said the delayed US contingent included at least 100 US soldiers, lifting equipment and six military aircraft, two of them helicopters.

The team arrives as criticism mounted over a pile-up of relief material at Kathmandu airport, the only international gateway to the Himalayan nation, because of customs inspections.