Big Brother star Jade Lynch hits out at Holly Carpenter in reality show jibe

Big Brother star Jade Lynch
Big Brother star Jade Lynch

Big Brother star Jade Lynch has launched a blistering attack on fellow model Holly Carpenter in a row over I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Former Miss Ireland Holly (24), has stated she would love to follow in the footsteps of Nadia Forde and take part in the jungle show, which kicks off a new season tonight.

“With Big Brother, you’re kind of just sitting on a couch, you’re not really doing much, but I’m A Celebrity has a physical and mental challenge. I’m definitely going to be hooked on it this year,” said Holly.

But Jade (24), who took part in this year’s Big Brother show, fumed that housemates did face mental and physical challenges.

She lashed out at Holly, sneering: “She’s not even a celebrity, how can she take part in the jungle show?

Holly Carpenter

“She’s saying all you do is sit on the sofa and it’s not mentally challenging. I’m furious at that. I actually feel like texting Holly Carpenter myself, but I’m not going to lower myself to that.

“For a woman in the industry to come out with a statement like that is absolutely ridiculous.

 “In my opinion, it might have been a little dig at me, but what I do want to say is it’s not easy and you’re not sitting on a couch all day.

“People seem to be dumb to the idea that it’s not hard.

“We actually have a psychologist and a counsellor for a year after we come out of the house, that’s how mentally challenging it is.”

“Every single day is just a mental challenge in the house. Some of us had to hang out of bars for ages, we didn’t eat when we lost tasks and we’d be starving for a week.

“It’s a ridiculous statement from Holly, who doesn’t have a clue about it.”

Jade says she has met Holly “a few times” and blasted: “I don’t know why Holly Carpenter is saying she would love to do it because she’s certainly not a celebrity or hasn’t got the status of a celebrity.”

Having famously described herself as “pansexual” (not limiting oneself to any gender or gender identity) Jade is currently single – she had a brief fling with Brian Belo after toying with him in the house.