Bible basher insists Yes vote will herald the end for Ireland

"We failed the test and we are going to suffer for it"
"We failed the test and we are going to suffer for it"

A Cork grandfather has issued a dire warning that Ireland is set for a doomsday-style reckoning thanks to the ‘Yes’ vote to gay marriage.

The 79-year-old daily mass-goer called Jim, who campaigned for the ‘No’ campaign, said he believes Ireland will now suffer on September 25 this year, which he claims has been earmarked for a world-ending asteroid crash on to the planet.

The devout Catholic – who preached his message on radio this week – predicted the Yes voters will be punished for going against the bible in the coming months.

“We failed the test and we are going to suffer for it. God is very angry with the world at the moment and here we are giving him two fingers with the Yes vote,” said Jim.

“The victory of the Yes side in the same sex referendum was not the people’s victory, it was Satan’s victory, enabled by the young pagans.”

Jim said he believes the end of the world is set to arrive this September with a disaster of biblical proportions.

He said the arrival of a giant meteorite − heralded across various doomsday sites on the internet − will cause earthquakes and a massive tidal wave, along with mega hurricanes. He said God is too angry with Ireland to spare the country from the apocalyptic destruction.

“God is not in favour of same sex marriage. It made him so angry the last time that he tore Sodom and Gomorrah to pieces.

“In the bible it says that fire will come from the heavens, which is the meteorite or asteroid.

 “They are saying that the Russian government and the American government know this asteroid is coming and that they have built cities underground.

“God is angry with us over the vote. We went against him. Sodomy is against God. It is a mortal sin to vote yes.”

Jim – who spoke on Cork’s 96FM Opinion Line to Deirdre O’Shaughnessy this week – said he blames the church for failing to preach hellfire and brimstone.

“The people of Ireland have gone away from the faith totally. I blame the Church because the Church hasn’t preached the doctrine in 50 years. If they are not afraid of hell they are afraid of nothing.

“They have only told people about the love of God. They haven’t spoken about the justice of God,

“Satan is laughing his head off. I would be 90 per cent sure something massive is going to happen in September. We’ve failed the test.”