Belfast sicko had child grooming manual

Belfast sicko had child grooming manual

A Belfast man who was found with more than 6,000 indecent images of children has admitted to owning a 170-page manual on how to groom kids.

After an investigation by the National Crime Agency, encrypted files saved to storage devices were found to contain the pictures.

The NCA are yet to examine another 28 storage devices which were found on the property that Gary Carruthers, 34, shares with his mother and sister.

The agency has also confirmed that they are struggling to break the codes on many of the encrypted files.

The images found so far have ranged in their severity from ‘Level One’ to ‘Level Five’.

The manual found was a guide on how to ‘approach a child’, detailing grooming methods and ‘guidelines’ on how to physically abuse a child.

Carruthers, of Victoria Street in Belfast, is charged with possessing the images of children as well as possessing the manual.

He has also been charged with possession of what are deemed indecent ‘pseudo-images’ of children.


These are images where the faces of children are superimposed onto other photographs of abuse.

Carruthers appeared handcuffed in court on Friday and was visibly shaking throughout the hearing.

His lawyer said his client had led a life of solitude and had disassociated himself from society and had “fallen under the radar”.

The barrister said: "He has no friends. His only communication with anyone is through the internet and he spends his entire life in his bedroom.

"These are serious issues, but this is also a person who has detached himself from reality.

"My submission is that the files do not leave his bedroom, and there's no evidence that he was intending to act upon them."

District judge Mark Hamill refused Carruthers bail, saying that the fact that Carruthers was caught with a manual on how to groom children makes him a risk.

 "The court finds it difficult to accept that he has it [manual] for theoretical reasons. The court can't accept putting children at risk,” he said.

Carruthers will appear in court again by videolink on November 6.