Bakery to appeal 'gay cake' court decision

The cake was eventually made by another bakery
The cake was eventually made by another bakery

The owners of Ashers bakery have said they will appeal a court ruling after they were found guilty of discriminating against a gay man.

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland took the bakery to court after they refused to bake a cake for gay rights activist Gareth Lee, who wanted bakers to write a pro-gay marriage message on it.

The bakery refused on the grounds of their religious beliefs and were found guilty of unlawful discrimination.

Now however, the McArthur family, who own Ashers bakery, say they will appeal the decision.

In a statement they said: "After much careful and prayerful consideration given to legal advice, we have decided to appeal the judgement handed down last Tuesday.

“We continue to insist that we have done nothing wrong as we have discriminated against no individual but rather acted according to what the Bible teaches regarding marriage. 


“As many other people have already noted, Christian beliefs seem to have been trampled over in this judgement and we believe this only has negative effects for our society.


“Our hope and prayer would be that an appeal will allow us and other Christians to live out their faith in Jesus Christ in every part of their lives, including their workplace.”

The McArthur family are being supported financially by the Christian Institute.

Daniel and Amy McArthur outside court after the ruling 

Simon Calvert, a spokesperson for the institute, said:  “I believe that most people think that this is a ruling that should be overturned.

“There has been such extraordinary support from people from all walks of life who are appalled by what has happened to the McArthur family.

"There is huge public support for an appeal and it is vitally important that the higher courts consider this issue.

“This court decision will have dramatic consequences if it stands."