Prison bosses move gangland target Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch over hit fears

Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch
Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch

Authorities were forced to move gangland target Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch to another landing within Wheatfield Prison after learning a €5,000 contract on his head had been taken up by another inmate.

The contract is the third to be put on the 27-year-old’s head since the murder of his brother Gary on the Costa Del Sol last September.

“Del Boy is now currently considered to be one of the most at-risk inmates within the system,” a source told The Sunday World.

“Intelligence was gathered suggesting he was going to be done by another inmate on the same landing who had been offered €5,000 to do the job.”

Authorities believe all three attempts on Hutch’s life have their origins in the feud which began after the Kinahan crime cartel were blamed for Gary Hutch’s murder.

Separately The Sunday World has learned that prison staff were placed on high alert after ‘Del Boy’ was briefly returned to Mountjoy Prison last week for dental treatment.

“He was brought up from Wheatfield by cellular van for dental treatment in Mountjoy.

“All the inmates in the Dublin Prisons have their dental care looked after in Mountjoy.

“Del Boy was kept under very careful watch throughout the visit before being taken back to Wheatfield.”

The Sunday World revealed last month how Del Boy was moved to the protection landing in Wheatfield Prison from Mountjoy after being attacked on the C2 landing.

On that occasion convicted gangland killer Craig White fought off two other inmates intent on knifing Hutch with a shiv after pinning him down in his cell.

That attack was the second time in three months Hutch has been attacked in Mountjoy Prison.

In October brothers Jamie and Leon Griffin attacked him in the A-wing exercise yard after the Kinahan gang put a €10,000 hit out on his head.