Audio: Today FM's Phil Cawley's emotional tribute to Aidan Lynam

Robin Lynam and Dad Aidan
Robin Lynam and Dad Aidan

The Today FM DJ speaks powerfully about his friend's death.

Cawley was doing an outside broadcast on the Down Syndrome Ireland event last weekend when the news came through to him that Aidan had been killed in an accident.

He explains how they finished the broadcast early and how he didn't reveal on air that he knew that Aidan was dead.

Cawley had participated in many of the DSI events organised by Aidan and he speaks powerfully about why he got involved in the charity and how great a person Aidan was to know.


Cawley's tribute to his friend echoes one by our own Finn Gillespie, who also knew Aidan well. 

Finn's piece in yesterday's paper was yet another moving tribute to a man who will be greatly missed by all who knew him, his family and his friends.