Arrest in Paul McCauley murder investigation

Paul McCauley
Paul McCauley

The police have confirmed that they have arrested a 24-year-old man in Derry in connection with the murder of Paul McCauley.

Mr McCauley had been attending a barbecue at a house in the Waterside area of the city on July 16 of 2006.

He and two of his friends were set upon by a mob who emerged from bushes and attacked the three men.

They then made off towards Irish Street in the city.

Mr McCauley had been in a care facility since the attack, but died last month.

The man was arrested this morning in the Fountain Street area before being taken to Strand Road PSNI station.

Detective Chief Inspector Michael Harvey said: "After Paul's tragic death last month, the investigation has taken on a renewed impetus.

"We are following a definite line of enquiry and we are grateful to those individuals who came forward with information in the immediate aftermath of Paul's death.

"We can never have too much information about the events of that night nine years ago if we are to get justice for Paul.

"There may be other opportunities to gather information, either because of a change in someone's circumstances or a qualm of conscience.

"This is a very challenging investigation, especially with the passing of time, but we are fully committed to exploring all avenues and opportunities and I would appeal to everyone in the community, if they have any information, come forward and contact detectives."