Amy's mum: "I'm 99 per cent sure she’s not coming home..but I still have that 1%"

Amy Fitzpatrick
Amy Fitzpatrick

Amy Fitzpatrick’s mother has spoken about how she is “99 per cent sure she’s not coming home”, although she still has that one per cent.

Speaking on The Colette Fitzpatrick Show on Newstalk, Audrey Fitzpatrick told how she hopes her daughter will still be found, almost eight years after her disappearance in Spain.
Amy (15) hasn’t been seen since she left a friend’s home on the Costa Del Sol in Spain on New Year’s Day in 2008.
She had been living in Spain with her mother Audrey and brother Dean, along with their stepfather Dave Mahon.
Even though it was like “living on one big holiday,” according to Audrey, both she and Amy had been due to travel back to Ireland for Christmas that year, but had to stay in Spain.
“Everyone thought that I just had disappointed Amy and decided to stay on in Spain for Christmas but the real reason was Dean had got into trouble in Spain,” Audrey explained.
Audrey said her daughter had “thrown a little hissy fit” at being unable to come home, “but we were really surprised she got over it so well”.
Amy had spent New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house, and had called her mother at midnight. 
Amy is thought to have gone missing after leaving to head to her own home the following night after 10pm.
Audrey told Newstalk that when she failed to arrive home the family called around Amy’s friends in an attempt to find her, assuming she had gone to visit someone.
“We were still trying to do it ourselves before we let the reality sink in that we had to call the police,” she added.
Audrey said she is now attempting to have the area where Amy is thought to have gone missing, including a dirt track shortcut home, searched again by police, with the search area potentially widened.
She added that the family “ended up broke” after travelling around Europe in attempting to find Amy.
“We spent every last penny going all over Europe ourselves, meeting all sorts from the police, private investigators, the underworld, the IRA.
“Our hope was we’d come to a country and put up a poster and we’d find her. I’m 99% sure she’s not coming home, but I still have that 1%.
“I don’t care who we talk to as long we as get answers.”
 “I stay in touch will all her friends on Facebook and all that…Nearly a lot of people have gone back to England. I stay in touch with them. They’re the ones that know the answers. Other than that, everything is hearsay…
Dave Mahon is due to stand trial next year after Amy’s brother Dean was stabbed to death.