Aldo: I wish Thatcher was alive to see the truth she helped cover up

Aldo speaks from the heart on Hillsborough
Aldo speaks from the heart on Hillsborough

AT LAST, justice has prevailed.

After 27 years fighting against evil forces, the families of the 96 innocent sons and daughters lost amid the carnage of the Hillsborough disaster have finally cleared the good names – and now we want retribution for those responsible.

Last Tuesday was a joyous day for all of us who were touched by the Hillsborough disaster, with the verdict that those who lost their lives were unlawfully killed marking the end of a long road for so many who fought for this judgement to be passed.

I was playing up front for Liverpool on the day that changed our lives forever and while it should never have taken so long to get to this point, those no longer here to defend themselves have finally had their names cleared.

The unlawful killing verdicts represented, quite simply, the greatest day in the history of Liverpool Football Club off the pitch.

It was emotional seeing the families of the victims – many of whom I have got to know so well – celebrating outside of the court and there was a tear in my eye as I shared in their relief.

Of course, nothing will bring back those we lost at Hillsborough on that horrible, sickening day, but at least the lies by so many in the years since can now be exposed for what they are.

Those of us who have been involved with the Hillsborough story since that fateful day on April 15, 1989, knew from the off that the vile stories spun by the police, those rats at The Sun newspaper and even those at the highest levels of the British government were all lies.

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had a deep-rooted hatred of Liverpool that shone through in the days and weeks after the Hillsborough disaster. I just wish the nasty bitch was still alive to see the truth of the cover-up she was a part of come out.

Thatcher’s former press secretary Bernard Ingham is still alive and it was no surprise to see that bastard refusing to comment on the verdicts last Tuesday, even though he claimed that “a tanked-up mob” of Liverpool fans caused the disaster.

You are a liar Ingham and should go to your grave ashamed of what you said.

Then we have The Sun newspaper, whose infamous headline entitled ‘The Truth’ contained so many of the hateful lies that added salt to the wounds of the Hillsborough families.

Kelvin MacKenzie was the editor who ran the story that cut deep into the hearts of so many people in Liverpool and he has now been exposed for what he is – a pathetic little w**ker. That rag of a paper didn’t even have the decency to mention the unlawful killing verdicts on their front page last Wednesday morning, which says all you need to know about it.

They have no remorse. They couldn’t give a shit who they have upset with their reckless excuse for journalism. Scumbags, the lot of them.

The people of Liverpool will never buy The Sun again following their disgusting coverage of the disaster and the lies they promoted have now been highlighted for the world to see.

Of course, the Sheffield police carry the biggest burden of responsibility for this horrific story, with their desperation to camouflage their inept efforts that cost so many lives. Shameful.

The cover-up started with a lie from a police officer who denied that he made the fateful decision to open a gate at the Leppings Lane end to let thousands of fans into Hillsborough.

That escalated into a full-scale government-backed conspiracy against those who died, but they took on the wrong people when they took on Liverpool.

The desire for the truth to be heard about Hillsborough meant that those involved in the cover-up would never get away with their deceit.

Now the rats can scurry back into their holes, with the nasty stories they peddled banished to the realms of fantasy.

We all believe the news when it is presented to us on TV or in the newspaper, but the Hillsborough story confirms that the authorities don’t always tell the truth.

Police changed their statements, video evidence went missing… this was a scandal that got out of control for those running from their responsibilities, but their moment of retribution is now with us.

After the verdict that our lost football supporters were unlawfully killed, now we have to go after the police chiefs whose incompetence let them down so badly. Someone has to pay for this disaster and those at fault should go to jail for what they did 27 years ago.

Their actions on the day and their subsequent desire to blame the lost souls they let down so badly has been a sickening episode in British history.

Bang them up, get them behind bars and make them realise that what they did on that day and in the years that have followed is unacceptable.

More importantly, the Liverpool fans who went to support their team and didn’t come home can now rest in peace.

The 96 will never walk alone… God bless them all.