A Leaving Cert student got a Garda escort to exam after missing bus

Garda to the rescue
Garda to the rescue

Limerick student Ian Fitzhenry missed his bus and had to abandon a taxi stuck in traffic before the boys in blue came to the rescue.

It is the nightmare of every Leaving Cert student to miss the very first day of the exams. In fact, many of us wake up years later from very similar bad dreams.

However, Ian Fitzhenry's nightmare was real and the 17-year-old endured a torrid morning yesterday in Limerick.

Despite leaving his house 10 minutes earlier than usual there was no sign of the bus he needed to get to CBS Sexton Street in time. The quick-thinking teen realised he needed some help to get to English paper 1 yesterday morning so he got in touch with his brother, who sorted him out wth some cash and ordered a taxi for him.

The taxi arrived at 9.10, and the exam began at 9.30 so when they hit rush-hour traffic in Raheen, the driver of the taxi decided to save the day.

He spotted a Garda car behind them, so he got out and explained the situation to them. Sure enough the Guards turned on the flashing lights and gave Ian a police escort to the school.

Ian made it to the exam with four minutes to spare and as he told the John Murray Show this morning, the paper itself 'went grand'.

Luckily for Ian, he has no morning exam, with his test today is at 2pm. He has promised to elave the hosue extra early, just to be sure.