PICS: Newly released gangster converts home into fortress

Wayne Bradley
Wayne Bradley

GANGSTER Wayne Bradley converted his home into a fortress in advance of his release from prison – installing four CCTV recording devices to keep watch for waiting enemies.

A number of local hoods have been keeping watch over the area surrounding his Ratoath home after a number of former allies turned on him.

On Friday, two of the youths warned a Sunday World photographer his car would be “broken up” unless he “f**ked off” out of the area.

Cash-in-transit robber Bradley had been keeping his head down in the immediate aftermath of his release from high-security Portlaoise Prison last week.

He was seen at his home on Wednesday, but has not been spotted there since.

By the end of the week he had posted an image on his Facebook account showing him enjoying a slap-up meal abroad.

A group of up to five former criminal associates have now turned on him.

“Bradley is now under serious pressure from lads he would formerly have considered allies,” a source told the Sunday World.

“The people involved have expanded their operations in Finglas during Bradley’s time in prison and Bradley’s return to the scene is not welcome.

“He is very much aware that his life is in danger.”

Bradley spend the last 11 months of his sentence in Portlaoise after sustaining a vicious beating at the hands of psychopathic criminal brothers Leon and Jamie Griffin in an exercise yard in Mountjoy Prison last December.

Gangster Wayne served a five-year jail sentence for his role as a lookout during a raid on a Tesco store in Celbridge in 2007, under the direction of slain gang boss Eamon ‘the Don’ Dunne, while his brother Alan was handed a six-and-a-half year sentence.

At their April 2012 sentencing hearing, Alan (42), was described as second in command during the raid, while Wayne (37), was described as playing a more minor role as a scout and lookout.

The van contained nearly €900,000 at the time.

Judge Tony Hunt said the men were part of an organised crime gang that represented a significant social evil in today s society .