Newly-homeless family with three children spend night in city park

The family were said to have been homeless for three days
The family were said to have been homeless for three days

A Dublin City Councillor has said that he is ashamed of himself and of the council after a homeless family with three young children were discovered by a charity spending the night in an inner city park.

Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) said that they were performing outreach services in Dublin yesterday when they were notified of a family staying in Mountjoy Square Park, in Dublin's north inner city.

The family were said to have been homeless for three days, after they were evicted from their home in Fatima. There were three children under five years of age present in the park.

The group said on its Facebook page that the family had been told there was nowhere to put them tonight and had been handed sleeping bags by Dublin City Council and told to come back the next day.

North Inner City Councillor Gary Gannon, who grew up in the area, said that the fact that families were forced to sleep out showed a failing in Government

"Dublin City Council has made great statements and they've put some initiatives in place but the fact of the matter is we need homes for people and they haven't been coming forward," he said.

"I'm ashamed of myself of a Dublin City Councillor and I'm ashamed that it happened in my constituency.

"We're talking about recovery and we're talking about the spoils of recovery but this isn't a fair recovery, it's not a recovery for everyone.

"None of us are doing enough. There should be a war on this crisis and we're not doing it," he said.

ICHH confirmed that they had provided shelter for the family last night and would be assisting them in finding a place to stay today.

Latest figures show that the amount of homeless families has risen by 55pc since the beginning of this year.

Last month, Dublin City Council announced a €18.5m shortfall in their homeless services budget for 2015, with councillors warning that services could grind to halt if the problem isn't addressed.

Cormac Fitzgerald