Neighbours complain after couple leave 168 bags of rubbish in garden

Bags of rubbish being taken from the site
Bags of rubbish being taken from the site

A Wexford couple are facing pollution charges after collecting 168 bags of rubbish in their garden.

Neighbours complained of the smell coming from the home of Jason Rice and Jennifer Browne, formerly of 87 Kennedy Park Wexford.

Wexford People reports that Environmental inspector, Rory O'Mahoney, called out to the premises of August 17 last year, to investigate the complaints.

Out in the back yard and garden of the house, the witness counted 168 bags of refuse being stored.

A "septic" smell was coming from the bags and the contents appeared to be decomposing.

Bags found in a shed at the premises displayed signs that rodents had been eating at the rubbish and making nests there.


Mr O'Mahoney was concerned that five children, including a baby, resided at the house where the rubbish was piling up against the back door.

Wexford County Council took a case against the couple, who were not present before Judge John Cheatle on Tuesday.

After paying a contractor €1,800 to remove the waste, the local authority proceeded under pollution legislation rather than the Litter Act.

Mr O'Mahoney presented evidence in court in support of the charge alleging "possession of waste likely to cause pollution".

Contractor Davy O'Connor took the offending material to landfill at Holmerstown in two truckloads.

Landlord Philip Creane was in court to state that Rice and Ms Browne became his tennants in 2012.

He reckoned that this was the third such episode and said he had received complaints from neighbours on all sides who told them they could not leave the windows open because of the smell.

They were also worried about vermin and birds.

Judge Cheatle formally recorded convictions and an order for payment of €1,800 against the prosecuted pair before making out bench warrants in a bid to bring them to court.

Via Wexford People