Mum of three died after accidental Lemsip overdose


An inquest has heard how a mother of three died after taking a Lemsip for flu symptoms on top of her regular painkillers for osteoporosis.

Michelle Walker, 52, from Bolton, died of multiple organ failure just days after taking the well-known flu remedy.

The coroner at the inquest, Rachel Griffin, warned of the dangers of self medication and of accidental paracetamol overdose.

There is no suggestion that Walker intended to kill herself.

The court heard that Walker was taking unknown quantities of paracetamol to deal with the pain caused by osteoporosis and her husband suspected that she was taking more than the recommended dosage.

However, it was when she took Lemsip for a cold, which also contains paracetamol, that she became restless and was rushed to hospital.

There it was discovered her liver and kidneys were failing and she passed away the following day.

Walker had been diagnosed with liver disease two weeks before the overdose and in the view of the pathologist in the case that made her more susceptible to paracetamol toxicity.

Walker's death will lead to renewed calls for paracetamol to be more closely regulated, with some families of those who have died of accidental overdoses calling for the drug to be made prescription only.