'Cannabis grinder' mistaken for gun component led to prison lockdown

Discovery: The prison is currently on lockdown
Discovery: The prison is currently on lockdown

Mountjoy Prison was put on lockdown following the discovery of what was believed to be components to a firearm and a number of bullets.

Prison sources said the gun components were discovered earlier this afternoon along with a number of bullets.

However, prison authorities have confirmed the discovery was actually that of a cannabis grinder. 

The contraband item discovered was initially believed to be the barrel to a revolver but after inspection was found to be a device used to break down cannabis. 

Following the discovery authorities put the prison on lockdown and carried out a search of the cells. 

Sources said the contraband discovery was made in a room understood to be an electrical supply room. 

Prisoners were locked in their cells as authorities carried out further searches of the prison complex. 

Gardai were also called to the prison.