Mountjoy on lockdown after prisoner gets onto roof

Mountjoy on lockdown after prisoner gets onto roof

Prisoners at Mountjoy jail have been locked in their cells after one climbed on to a roof in a bid to retrieve contraband.

Shortly after 11am the inmate scaled a wall in the D division of the jail on Dublin's North Circular Road and made his way onto a rooof.

He has remained there for four and a half hours while trained negotiators were drafted in to speak with him.

A prison source said all other inmates have been locked in their cells while the standoff continues.

"This is a dangerous situation. Those walls are quite high and it would appear he went up there to collect contraband.

"The negotiators are trying to reason with him."

The source continued: "Prisoners were locked in their cells at lunch and they won't be released until this man comes down. This is understandably causing some anger as a number of visits have been cancelled."

Last month 35 prisoners in Mountjoy were locked into a yard after an attempt to smuggle drugs into the jail went wrong.

The incident happened shortly after 11am on July 31 when an inmate was discovered on the roof trying to retrieve a large package of drugs.

He was intercepted by prison officers but managed to throw the contraband into the exercise yard before being removed from the roof.