Most Irish workers 'not engaged' in their jobs

Back to work with a groan after the Easter break
Back to work with a groan after the Easter break

A new survey has concluded that 64% of Irish workers are 'not engaged' in their job, which could seriously effect their productivity.

Gallup have put together a State of the Global Workplace survey that looked at the enthusiasm of workers across the world, with Ireland coming out poorly when it comes to engagement rates.

With just 16% of workers claiming they are enjoying their jobs and actively engaged in their tasks, the statistic that some 20% of workers said they were unhappy and 'actively disengaged' suggested the Irish workforce as a whole is lacking motivation.

The trend of workers claiming they are not content in their jobs was echoed across Europe, with UK workers equally uninterested in the daily pursuits as 75% reported that they were 'not engaged' in their professions.

For a nation trying to haul itself out of brutal a recession, the prospect of a large majority of its workforce hauling themselves back to their desk after the Easter break on Tuesday morning with little enthusiasm is hardly a positive statistic.

However there was some good news in the survey, with 51% of those taking part from Ireland suggesting they were 'thriving' financially and personally. Just 2% from this country claimed they were 'suffering'.