More misery on the way as potential 'Storm Gertrude' is due on New Year's Day

The next weather system about to hit us (Image via @deric_hartigan)
The next weather system about to hit us (Image via @deric_hartigan)

There seems to be no escape from the bad weather as no sooner has Storm Frank cleared than another is about to take its place.

The forecasters are already predicting another storm, this time possibly called Gertrude, even though the full effect of Storm Frank has yet to be felt.

Met Eireann are already saying that tomorrow will remain very windy in coastal counties while a band of very heavy rain will travel from south to north for much of the day.

However, Friday, New Year's Day, will be even worse.

It hasn't yet been officially declared a storm but some forecasters are already saying that it will get the next name on the winter storm list, Gertrude.

Met Eireann say that yet more high winds and heavy rain will bring even more flooding to the country to kick off 2016, while the outlook for the weekend is for even more rain, in the form of heavby showers, while winds will still remain high.